Launch Workshop of the Cameroon Open Participatory Budget Project
(COPB - Phase III)

About the Project

Main Objective

The purpose of this program is to contribute to increased participation, accountability, access to information, and fiscal transparency in order to improve access to government services at local level, through improved governance practices, and to strengthened citizen participation in the monitoring of the budgets in local councils of Maroua I, Maroua II, Maroua III, Mokolo and Yagoua.

The background

With the advent of decentralization in Cameroon, which in enshrined in the Constitution since 1996, local authorities are more than ever faced with the need to involve the population effectively and actively in the life of the community. The main objective of the decentralization process is to involve citizens in the management of the city, and to improve their participation in public affair management. Unfortunately, it is proverbial that the relationship between State actors at every level (central and local) and citizens in Cameroon has not been embedded in transparency, accountability and participatory mechanisms… thus leading the country to increased corruption, poor provisions of basic social infrastructures (health, education, gender equality, etc.), conflictual situations in many regions (northwest, southwest, far north, east), etc. The May 2022 of the Open Budget Index (OBI) 2021 has confirmed this situation as Cameroon scores only 11% in citizen participation (as OBI2019), meaning that in spite of democratic challenges faced by the country, no significative efforts have been provided to curb the situation, at least for citizen participation in public affairs.

Our Project in Numbers

COPB Project has many targets that we resume in number. These targets aim to strengthen fiscal transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in 25 local communities.

Local Councils Targeted
Budget platforms
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National Budget Platform

We have already achieved 5% of the project.