Maroua II joins the COPB project caravan

This commune of the Diamaré department is one of the communes targeted by the 3rd phase of the project. 

The official launching ceremony of the Cameroon Open Participatory Budget (COPB) project was held in the hall of the commune of Maroua II on 11 January 2023. This workshop is part of the COPB project implemented by AfroLeadership, whose third phase is carried out thanks to the financial support of the United States Embassy in Cameroon.

The ceremony, chaired by the Mayor of Abdoulaye Sinele, brought together representatives of different social categories: religious leaders, traditional chiefs, municipal councilors, municipal staff, representatives of civil society, especially youth, women and people living with disabilities. The objective was to ensure ownership of the project by the stakeholders for optimal effectiveness in its implementation. 

Two people represented AfroLeadership: Joseph Anicet Nke, the Project Coordinator and Gabriel Sitezeu Towen, Digital Platform Manager.

The activity was divided into three sections: the presentation of the project, Dr Martin Luther King’s principles of Leadership, Nonviolence and Social Justice, and the presentation of the Open Data and digital tools of the project

The workshop ended with exchanges with the participants, the collection of suggestions and recommendations and the closing remarks of the mayor of the commune of Maroua II.