The COPB project takes root in Maroua III

The people of this commune in the Diamaré department have discovered the benefits to be gained from this project.

The United States Embassy in Cameroon has funded the 3rd phase of the Open Participatory Budget (COPB) project implemented by AfroLeadership. Its launch took place in the commune of Maroua III on Thursday 12 January 2022, under the chairmanship of Mayor Hamidou Sadou.

The workshop was attended by religious leaders, traditional chiefs, municipal councilors, municipal staff, representatives of civil society, youth, women and people living with disabilities. AfroLeadership wanted to send a message to the participants to get involved in the management of public affairs by using the digital tools available to them.  

Three main phases marked this workshop, notably the presentation of the project as a whole by its Coordinator Joseph Anicet Nke, who highlighted the project’s outlines, objectives and expected results.

He went on to present the principles of leadership, non-violence and social justice of Dr. Martin Luther King, while emphasising the participation of citizens in public policy. According to the coordinator, these principles reflect the principles of living together that are advocated even at the international level and call on everyone to get involved in the management of their community. He emphasised the fact that every citizen must be a leader for his community and an actor of change for his country.

In the third part, Gabriel Sitezeu Towen, Head of Digital Platforms of the project, explained how digital tools can greatly contribute to citizens’ participation in public policies. 

The participants were keen to make suggestions and recommendations, so that the project as a whole runs smoothly.