The municipality of Tokombéré is committed to participatory approaches

his commune of the Mayo-Sava department has joined the COPB project in the hope of boosting the development of its territory.

The hall of the Tokombéré municipality served as a framework for the organisation of the launch of the activities of the Cameroon Open Participatory Budget (COPB) project on 20 January 2023. A project funded by the United States Embassy in Cameroon.

The workshop was organised under the supervision of the mayor of the commune of Tokombéré, Boukar Tikiré, in the presence of religious leaders, traditional chiefs, municipal councilors, representatives of public administrations (Social Affairs, Youth and Civic Education, Decentralisation and Local Development), communal staff and civil society. Some thirty young people and women attended.

The aim of the workshop was to ensure that the stakeholders took ownership of the project in order to ensure its successful implementation. It took place in three phases. The first part, which focused on the presentation of the project to the participants, notably the context, objectives, results, activities and beneficiaries, was presented by the project coordinator, Joseph Anicet Nke. 

The second segment focused on the development of the theme on the principles of leadership, non-violence and social justice of Dr Martin Luther King. Through his presentation, Mr. Nke wanted to encourage greater involvement of citizens in public policies by calling on them to play their role effectively, through the 06 principles of Dr. Martin Luther King. He also emphasised the need to promote this culture of non-violence and living together in order to build more resilient communities and thus foster local development, despite being in a multidimensional crisis context.

As for the third part on Open Data and digital tools of the project, presented by Gabriel Sitezeu Towen, Head of digital platforms of the project, it allowed participants to become familiar with the concept of Open Data and the functioning of digital tools made available to them in the framework of the project. 

The mayor took the opportunity to express his wish to be accompanied by AfroLeadership’s technical team in the digitisation of the commune’s archives.