Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to contribute to increased participation, fiscal transparency of public budgets, and debt sustainability to improve access to government services at local level, through improved governance practices, and to strengthened citizen participation in the monitoring of the budgets in some local councils.

As specific objectives, the project will:

Promote citizens' budget literacy for better control of public action.

Promote collaboration between municipalities and citizens through participation in budget processes.

Improve access to public information and open data.


Local councils and citizens collaborate in the implementation of public policies.

The capacities of citizens to advocate for transparency and to monitor the execution of public budgets in the target communes are strengthened.

The access to public information and the opening of data is effective.

Project Inputs

25 Budget platforms allow the publication and visualization of municipal budget information.

1 Global Budget Platform allows the visualization and monitoring of budgets at the national level

Other Inputs

In addition to the project deliverables, AfroLeadership will provide citizens and local actors with:

25 Municipal Websites allow not only to give visibility to the communes but also to put at the disposal of the populations the information relating to the activities and projects of the latter.

25 Citizen participation platforms allow any citizen to interact with his municipality through various spaces and participatory processes that the platform offers. Depending on the participatory process, they will be able to vote and give their opinion and proposal in the development and implementation of public policies at local level.